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Welcome! You reached the Netherlands Association of Physician Assistants' website.

Physician Assistant, shortly PA, is the name of a relatively new profession, introduced in the Netherlands in 2000. using the extensive experiences from the United States of America.

The PA profession is positioned in the medical continuum. De PA works under supervision of a physician en offers professional medical care. We expect the introduction of the PA to result in both continuity and higher quality of medical care and to improve efficiency and productivity in pre-hospital and hospital care.

At this moment we count about 400 PA’s working in the Netherlands. A lot of PA’s are NAPA member.This website informs you about the PA profession, the professional organization and links to other web locations with relevant information about the PA and the PA programs.

This is just a try out english version to check the number of visitors and get an idea about the usefullness of an english version. Please contact us for comments or request for additional information: info@napa.nl

News about legislation concerning PA's.

We are proud to let you know the legislation concerning physician assistants in the Netherlands is accepted.

November 1st 2011 the Upper House accepted realignment of activities from the Physician Assistant.  There’s a temporarily competence (5 years). Competence to indicate and perform procedures as described in Order in Council. For example prescribing medication, having consulting hours and perform common surgical procedures. Furthermore the legislation makes it possible, by ammendments at the Individual Health Care Professions Act (Wet BIG),  for PA's to work abroad.

Parts of the new legislation still has to pass the Council of State. Publication in law gazette (Staatscourant) is expected in January 2012 whereafter the legislation will take in effect.

When you have any questions, please contact the NAPA info@napa.nl


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Dutch Association Physician Assistants (NAPA), the NAPA is honored to invite all physician assistants around the world to participate in the international congress PA INVEST 2014 which wil be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on October 30 and November 1 2014. We invite you to join the special INVEST 2014 newletter to keep informed about this event by clicking here.

Download the announcing flyer.

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