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A. Criteria for registration and re-registration of Physician Assistants in the Quality Assurance Register

  1. In order to quality for the Quality Assurance Register the Physician Assistant (PA) has satisfied the following requirements:
    1.1 He has concluded his training Master Physician Assistant at a NVAO accredited institute, with the exception of Physician Assistant trainings abroad that are approved by the Ministry of Health and Education (VWS) and the Dutch Associations of the Physician Assistant training of 2001 and 2002.
    1.2 He has been registered in the Diploma Register.
    1.3 He subscribes to the Professional Profile for Physician Assistants and the relevant faculty profile of the area of specialization in which he is operative.
    1.4 He conforms to the Professional Code of Practice issued by NAPA.
    1.5 In a declaration of intention he makes commitment to maintain his professional skill through professional development programs/activities (re articles C and D).
  2. As soon as a PA has been registered for an initial registration cycle or a re-registration cycle, he will remain registered for the duration of one registration cycle.
  3. A registration cycle will be valid for 5 years.
  4. A registration cycle starts the first day of the month after reception and approval of his application for admission to the Quality Assurance Register. This can only come into effect after the applicant has been entered in the Diploma Register. The registration cycle will end 60 months thereafter.
  5. An application is to be handed in before the beginning of each registration cycle, and should be in the possession of NAPA at least 6 weeks before the registration cycle has expired.
  6. As soon as a registration cycle has been concluded and the member has met the re-registration requirements, a new registration cycle will begin. Activities for re-registration undertaken in a previous registration cycle cannot be transferred to a new re-registration cycle.
  7. Re-registration will take place as soon as the following requirements have been met.
    7.1 The member has met the quantitative continuing professional education requirements in the preceding registration cycle mentioned in article C.
    7.2. The member has met the qualitative continuing professional education requirements in the entire preceding registration cycle mentioned in article D.
    7.3 The member has met the work experience requirements in the entire preceding registration cycle mentioned in article E.
  8. Each member may be audited to determine whether he has met the registration requirements.
  9. The registration of a PA who does not comply with the minimum requirements regarding  participation in Continuing Professional Development (CPD)  may be renewed only once for a limited period in order to give him the opportunity to still meet the requirements; for which the following applies:
    9.1  failing 10-25 per cent: re-registration for a period of 2 ½ years.
    9.2 failing 25-50 per cent: re-registration for a period of one year.
    9.3 failing >50 per cent: no re-registration.
  10. At the next re-registration, following the renewal of the registration for a shorter period than five years because of insufficient participation in continuing professional development (CPD), the five years preceding the operative expiry date will be audited and participation must be fully met, i.e. at least 200 hours of professional development must have been carried out. If not, then the registration will be annulled.
  11. If a member, after having been struck off the Quality Assurance Register, wants to qualify for registration, he must complete an entire five-year cycle and simultaneously fulfill the requirements necessary for an initial registration.
  12. In case of removal from the register after a finding of the disciplinary committee (article 2.2), the member is not to register within the period stipulated by the disciplinary committee.

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